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Giuseppe Maisto Actor Dancer Extra Model Presenter Singer Voiceover 25-30yrs
Joe Clements Extra Model Voiceover 25-30yrs
Stuart Davidson Actor Dancer Extra Musician 40-45yrs
Ben Woodcock Actor Extra 35-40yrs
Glen Maney Actor Comedian Compere Presenter Voiceover 50-55yrs
James Tolcher Actor 30-35yrs
David Mullenger Actor Dancer Extra Model Singer 20-25yrs
Kimi Gill Actor Extra Model Presenter Voiceover 35-40yrs
Nakash Amjad Actor Extra 17-20yrs
Rose Ozturk Extra Actor Dancer Model 30-35yrs
Ayesha De Garci Actor Comedian Extra Model Presenter 25-30yrs
Christian Knight Actor Extra Presenter 30-35yrs
Jonathon Sawdon Actor Extra Presenter Voiceover 45-50yrs
James Pimenta Actor Comedian Impressionist Voiceover 40-45yrs
Edward Baxter Actor 20-25yrs
Michael Dyllan Actor Model Presenter Voiceover 25-30yrs
Boyd Rogers Actor Athlete Extra Gymnast Impressionist Model Musician Presenter Singer Stunts Voiceover 40-45yrs
Lauren Patchcott Actor Extra 25-30yrs
Olga Freimane Model Actor Extra 25-30yrs
Niyi Epega Extra Actor Model 50-55yrs
Seanie Ruttledge Actor Comedian Compere Extra Impressionist Model Voiceover 40-45yrs
Anthony Hollingsworth Ellary Extra Actor 55-60yrs
Rick Osman Extra Compere 60-65yrs
Naz Gbolo Model Extra 25-30yrs
Aaron Rodriguez Model Actor Extra 25-30yrs
Adam Smith Actor Musician Singer Voiceover 20-25yrs
John Carr Actor Extra 45-50yrs
Scott Lewis Dancer Actor Gymnast Voiceover 20-25yrs
Lian Foulds Actor Dancer Model 30-35yrs
Gary Bradley Extra Actor Extra 20-25yrs
Pippa Holliday Dancer Actor Extra Model Singer Voiceover 20-25yrs
Andrew Abbott Extra Actor Compere Impressionist Model Presenter Voiceover 40-45yrs
Shane Buckley Actor Extra Voiceover 30-35yrs
Tamara Rose Actor Athlete 20-25yrs
Melanie Gayle Actor Comedian Compere Dancer Extra Model Musician Presenter Singer 25-30yrs
Beth Wood Actor Comedian Compere Extra Presenter Voiceover 25-30yrs
Deborah Rosan Actor Model Presenter Voiceover 25-30yrs
Princess Abiye Actor Model Voiceover 30-35yrs
Tim Stevens Extra Actor Dancer Musician Singer Stunts 25-30yrs
Matthew Hobbs Model Actor Extra Musician Stunts Voiceover 40-45yrs
Mad Mark Presenter Actor Comedian Extra Impressionist Magician Musician Singer Voiceover 20-25yrs
Joseph Hayter Extra Actor Athlete Musician Singer Voiceover 35-40yrs
Carol Reeves Extra Actor Dancer Model Chaperone 45-50yrs
Luke Sheehan Singer Actor Dancer Extra 30-35yrs
Sydney Austin Actor Dancer Extra Presenter Voiceover 20-25yrs
Viraj Juneja Actor Extra Model Presenter Voiceover 17-20yrs
Erica Melargo Actor Dancer Extra Model Presenter Singer Voiceover 25-30yrs
Mehmet & Erdo Hurrem Actor Dancer Extra Model 20-25yrs
Claire Randall Actor 30-35yrs
Glenn Webster Actor Extra Model Musician Singer Stunts Voiceover 40-45yrs