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Amanda Lara Kay Actor Actor Athlete Compere Dancer Extra Model Presenter Voiceover 25-30yrs
Tajpal Rathore Actor Comedian Compere Dancer Extra Model Presenter Singer Voiceover 25-30yrs
Daryl Rowlands Actor Extra 17-20yrs
Boyd Rogers Actor Athlete Extra Gymnast Impressionist Model Presenter Singer Voiceover Weightlifter 40-45yrs
Jason Croot Actor Actor Model 40-45yrs
Sandy Slade Actor Model 40-45yrs
Josh Whitmore Actor Athlete Extra Model Sports 17-20yrs
Ama Joseph Actor Dancer Extra Model Presenter Singer Voiceover 25-30yrs
Richard Bibb Actor Extra 20-25yrs
Leona Rogers Actor Extra Singer 40-45yrs
John Duggan Actor Extra Model Presenter Singer Voiceover 55-60yrs
Sienna Bey Model Actor Dancer Extra 16yrs
Jake Rowley Actor Extra Model Musician Voiceover 20-25yrs
Jane Phillips Actor Dancer Extra Model Presenter Singer Voiceover Over 65
Maria Figgins Actor Dancer Extra Voiceover 35-40yrs
Sabean Bea Actor Extra Model 20-25yrs
Nakash A Actor Extra 16yrs
Lynda Lim Extra Extra Model Voiceover 50-55yrs
Daren Brady Actor Extra Model Voiceover 35-40yrs
Lizzie Bailey Extra Actor Dancer Voiceover Featured extra 45-50yrs
Nick Emery Actor Compere Extra Presenter Voiceover Interviewee/panel member on radio and TV 55-60yrs
Cynthia Garbutt Actor Extra Model Voiceover 30-35yrs
Anthony Stephen Actor Extra Model Voiceover Life Model/Nude 50-55yrs
Scott Douglas Actor Dancer Extra Model Presenter Singer 20-25yrs
Jessie Morell Actor Model Singer Voiceover 20-25yrs
David Golt Extra Model Voiceover 45-50yrs
Andrew Parker Warren Actor Compere Extra Model Singer 30-35yrs
Nazstar Gbolo Model Extra 25-30yrs
Keith Thanni Actor Extra Model 30-35yrs
Nathan Beetson Model Athlete 25-30yrs
Sergei Lebedev Actor Dancer Extra Magician Model Voiceover 30-35yrs
John Lynch Extra Gymnast Over 65
Alfie Turco Actor Dancer Model 40-45yrs
Lee Atkinson Actor Athlete Extra Stunts Voiceover 35-40yrs
Andrew Bilton Extra 25-30yrs
Sharon Facinelli Boga Actor Singer 35-40yrs
Lisa Jay Jenkins Actor Model Presenter Voiceover 25-30yrs
Kate Palmer Actor Dancer Extra Gymnast Model 20-25yrs
Catherine Adams Actor Extra Presenter Voiceover Writing & Casting 30-35yrs
Alan Bayer Actor Model Voiceover 40-45yrs
Daniel Kenwright Actor Athlete Dancer Model Presenter Stunts Voiceover 20-25yrs
Robert Rose Heston Actor Athlete Model Presenter Voiceover 20-25yrs
Felicity Lamb Actor Extra 45-50yrs
Andy Sweet Actor Musician Presenter Voiceover 35-40yrs
Yusei Sugimoto Actor Extra Model Stunts Voiceover 30-35yrs
Christopher Fosh Actor Model Presenter Stunts Voiceover 40-45yrs
Graham Pavey Extra Actor Comedian Presenter 50-55yrs
Chanda Chafilwa Actor Dancer Extra Voiceover 17-20yrs
Melissa Galloway Actor Extra Model Presenter 17-20yrs
Andrew Abasi Actor Extra Presenter Voiceover 17-20yrs