Job: Female fashion bloggers wanted for Internet – see brief


We are casting for more videos bloggers This will be a great platform, as lots of people will see the videos across the world. The job will be on going & the company will get the bloggers to film themselves & send them their Blog -1-2 times a week. The production company will give a fee per blog

  • Production dates:  ON GOING
  • Location:  WORLD
  • Pay category:  Paid (overseas)
  • Casting Details:  VIA LINKS ON EMAIL How to apply: We want 1-2 minute video blog with the Blogger talking about the above topics,post it on youtube or a other site, then email us the link with all contact information. Don’t send us any direct videos they must be on a link !
  • CLOSING DATE is Tuesday 19th June 2012 2PM

Female Fashion Blogger

Attractive open video bloggers who can speak on Fashion, Hollywood Gossip, also can comment on trendy new gadgets, cars, Mobile phones, maybe games & other cool products

Height:  Any
Ethnicity:  Any
Agreements:  Paid per blog

When fully registered on AbCast and profiles are up to date, contact us if interested.

About Abi

Abi Cotter is the founder and director of AbCast - the newest, most exciting talent casting agency in the UK. She has extensive experience in casting actors, extras, models and musicians for TV and film, theatre and corporate events.
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